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Intelligent Graphic TFT

The Matrix Orbital GTT series is a line of full colour TFT displays with an integrated touch screens, crafted to become crisp, controllable canvases for creativity. Utilizing an extended version of our widely used command library and industry standard communication protocols, the customizable GTT series boasts an intelligent displays that will quickly become the gorgeous face of your application.

Interface specifications for Graphic TFT Touch Series
Part NumberRS232TTLI2CRS422USB
Size specifications for Graphic TFT Touch Series
Part NumberPixelsModule Size (mm)
Active Area (mm)
Pixel Size (mm)
GTT35A 320 x 240 98.00 x 78.00 x 19.53 70.08 x 52.56 0.219 x 0.219
GTT38A 480 x 116 140.00 x 38.00 x 19.55 95.04 x 22.97 0.198 x 0.198
GTT43A 480 x 272 135.10 x 80.50 x 17.10 93.04 x 53.86 0.198 x 0.198
GTT50A 800 x 480 142.00 x 90.00 x 17.00 108.00 x 64.80 0.135 x 0.135
GTT70A 800 x 480 185.00 x 102.00 x 17.93 153.84 x 85.63 0.1923 x 0.1784
Voltage specifications for Graphic TFT Touch Series
Part NumberV5VPT
Backlight specifications for Graphic TFT Touch Series
Features for Graphic TFT Touch Series
Part NumberGPOKeypadGraphic MemoryPiezo BuzzerTactile Feedback
GTT35A 6 25 2 GB
GTT38A 6 25 2 GB
GTT43A 6 25 2 GB
GTT50A 6 25 2 GB
GTT70A 6 25 2 GB
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  • Features

    GPO  General Purpose Outputs for switching external circuitry and devices.

    Graphic Memory  Stores all images and fonts used on the device.

    Keypad  Matrix style keypad input.

    Piezo  Piezo Electric buzzer with variable pitch and duration.

    Tactile Feedback  Vibratory motor feedback for touch events.

  • Voltages

    V5  5.0V Input Voltage

    VPT  Regulated 9V-35V Input Voltage

  • Interfaces

    I2C  Inter-integrated circuit protocol uses clock and data lines to communicate short distances at slow speeds from a master to up to 128 addressable slave devices. A display is a slave device.

    RS232  Recommended standard 232, a common serial protocol. Logic levels can be as high as +/-30V, a high level is negative, a low is positive.

    RS422  Recommended standard 422, a more robust differential pair serial protocol.

    TTL  Transistor-transistor logic applied to serial protocol. Low level is 0V while high logic is 5V.

    USB  Universal Serial Bus protocol widely used in PCs.

  • Backlight

    BLS  Standard Brightness (300 Nit or less)

    BLM  Medium Brightness (600 Nit or Less)

    BLH  High Brightness (1,000 Nit or Less)