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GX Series

GX TYPHOONPresenting the GX Typhoon, the Typhoon is designed to fit perfectly into a 5.25" drive bay, making it the ultimate solution for PC Modders, IT Systems and Home Theatre PC's. In addition, the GX Typhoon has also been spec'd to integrate nicely into an 1U Rackmount, ideal for networks that require information on the fly.

GX24064 FGW BBI MCEWith the GX Typhoon, you can also have the ability to use a remote control, eliminating the need to be right by the equipment's side. Perfect for a desktop PC, even better for a Home Theater PC. In addition to the incredible features offered by this display We have designed our own software for the displays, that makes programming the display quick and easy, it is user-friendly and will help get your project off the ground in no time!

Datasheet for PCB Revision 1.0

Mechanical and Electrical specifications for PCB Revision 1.0

Drawing for PCB Revision 1.0

PDF style 2D drawing of the GX24064-1U PCB Revision 1.0 display only.

3D Model for PCB revision 1.0

Solidworks executable (.exe) 3D model for the GX24064-1U PCB 1.0.

STEP 3D Drawing for PCB revision 1.0

Solidworks .step style 3D drawing for the GX24064-1U PCB 1.0.

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