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A Collection of PCNs for the GLT24064 /-USB /-422 modules.

GLX G2.1 ARM Firmware Version 8.6.2 Release

PCN 2014-05-23.2
GLX G2.1ARM Firmware Version 8.5 Release
PCN 2013-02-02.2

Firmware v8.4 for GLT240128 /-USB /-422 PCB Rev 4.0

PCN 2011-10-06-02.1
GLT G2.1ARM Firmware Version 8.3 (PCB Rev 4.0) Release
PCN 2011-09-15-01.4
24064A WB and 24064A FGW Display Changes
PCN 2011-04-06-02
GLT24064-XX / GLT24064-1U-XX / GLT240128-XX Firmware v8.2.0 Relase
PCN 2011-01-24-02
GLT240128 / -USB / -422 Firmware v8.1.0 Release
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