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EVE2 Graphic TFT

The EVE2 series contains a stream-lined graphics controller with add-on features such as audio playback and touch capabilities. EVE2 screens consist of a rich set of graphics objects (primitive and widgets) that can be used for displaying various menus for a range of products including home appliances, toys, industrial machinery, home automation, elevators, and many more.

Interface specifications for EVE2 TFT Series
Part NumberSPI
Size specifications for EVE2 Graphic TFT Series
Part NumberPixelsModule Size (mm)
Active Area (mm)
Pixel Size (mm)
EVE2-35A320 x 24098.00 x 78.00 x 7.6070.08 x 52.560.219 x 0.219
EVE2-38A480 x 116140.00 x 38.00 x 7.4795.04 x 22.970.198 x 0.198
EVE2-43A480 x 272135.10 x 80.50 x 7.4293.04 x 53.860.198 x 0.198
EVE2-50A800 x 480142.00 x 90.00 x 7.15108.00 x 64.800.135 x 0.135
EVE2-70A800 x 480185.00 x 102.00 x 7.90153.84 x 85.630.1923 x 0.1784
Feature specifications for EVE2 TFT Series
Part NumberVoltageTouch InputAudio OutputGPOsRAM
EVE2-35A 3.3V None, Resistive Speaker 4 1MB
EVE2-38A 3.3V Resistive Speaker 4 1MB
EVE2-43A 3.3V None, Resistive Speaker 4 1MB
EVE2-50A 3.3V None, Resistive Speaker 4 1MB
EVE2-70A 3.3V None, Resistive Speaker 4 1MB
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  • Interfaces

    SPI  Serial Peripheral Interface protocol uses four communication lines to communicate quickly over short distances from one master to mulitple addressable slave devices. A display is a slave device.

  • Features

    GPO  General Purpose Outputs for switching external circuitry and devices.

    RAM  Stores all images and fonts used on the device.