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A Collection of PCNs for the GLK19264-7T-1U / -USB modules.

GLK19264A-7T-1U-USB PCB Rev 2.1 Release

GLX G2.1 ARM Firmware Version 8.6.2 Release

PCN 2014-05-23.2
GLX G2.1ARM Firmware Version 8.5 Release
PCN 2013-03-20-01.5

GLK19264A-7T-1U/-USB PCB Rev 2.0 Release

PCN 2011-10-11-01
Display Modules I2C Update
PCN 2010-10-20-01
24064-16-1U-FGW-C219 New BL resistor
PCN 2009-11-12-01.1
AM0076R-06 replacing AM0076R-03
PCN 2009-05-19-02
BL Resistors for -WB
PCN 2009-03-25-01
Firmware Update for C228
PCN 2008-11-26-01
Font Spacing Change
PCN 2008-05-13-01
USB Programming
PCN 2007-12-11-01
G2 Alphanumerics / Graphics Upgraded FW
PCN 2007-10-02-01
GLK19264-7T-1U Firmware Upgrade
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