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Graphic Software

Software and utilites for the GLK and GLC series of displays. The GLK/GLC series is an inteligent line of graphic displays.

MOGD# Software

This updated program is the new tool kit for all our graphic displays. It lets you upload fonts and bitmaps, set fonts and font metrics. As well, allows you test all the different features of the display. In addition this program allows you to create new fonts from existing fonts in your windows library. As well as convert graphic files, to a format that you can upload to the displays. This version supports all revisions of most graphic displays, including the following:

GLK12232A-25-SM, GLT12232A, GLK12232-25, GLK19264A-7T-1U, GLK24064R-25-1U, GLT24064R-1U, GLK24064-25, GLT24064, GLK240128-25, and GLT240128


Windows Installation

When installing on Windows we recommend installing to a folder other than "Program Files". Doing so will avoid any Administrative Permission errors.
*For example installing MOGD# to the desktop will avoid any of these errors.



Update: 1.1.8 4-Nov-2015-

  • Added support for one byte file IDs
  • Improved font optimization

Update: 1.1.7 26-Jan-2015-

  • Added monospacing and optimization for fonts

Update: 1.1.6 30-Jun-2014-

  • Added animation support
  • Added support for firmware revision 8.5 commands

Update: 1.1.5 31-Jan-2013

  • Extended language support for fonts
  • Code page can now be specified when generating a font

Update: 1.1.0 08-Mar-2011

  • GLK24064-25/GLT24064 PCB Rev4.0 support
  • GLK240128-25/GLT240128 PCB Rev4.0 support
  • Firmware revision is detected automatically

MOGD is universal software for the GLK series. It allows font and bitmap uploading as well as general testing of the displays features. This version is for GLC24064 up to 1.2, GLK24064-25 up to 1.2, GLK12232-25-WBL up to 2.0, and GLK12232-25-SM up to 1.4. For higher revisions, it is required that you use MOGD#.

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