VK Series

Our vacuum fluorescent displays (VFDs) have a longer life and are the brightest of displays. They do not suffer from peVK162-12rfomance effects due to varying temperature and they deliver a higher viewing angle. Control of modules has been simplified to a set of commands delivered via RS232, RS422, I2C or USB communication. Optional VFD Filters available to customize your display to coordinate with your application.

  • Select displays now available in RS232, RS422, I2C or USB
  • VFD Filters are available in 20x2 and 20x4 in Blue, Grey, Green and Red.
  • Custom filters are available upon request.

Available Options

  • E Extended Temperature
    • LCD -20° to +70° VFD -40° to +85°
  • LV Low Voltage
    • 3.3 Vdc
  • V Extended Voltage
    • 9-15 Vdc
  • VPT Voltage Regulator
    • 9-35 Vdc