LK Series

LK162ACharacter LCDs

Covering the most popular liquid crystal display configurations, control of the modules has been simplified to a set of commands delivered via RS232, RS422, I2C and USB. Meant to save time and money, we have worked to ensure that the tedious timing and special conditions typical of display controllers have been eliminated from our interface to help get your project to market faster.

  • Select displays now available in RS422
  • LK204-7T-1U & LK204-7T-1U-USB have 3 dual color LED indicator lights:
  • Yellow, Green and Red
  • Many other sizes are available on request, as well as custom design

Available Options

  • E Extended Temperature
    • LCD -20° to +70° VFD -40° to +85°
  • LV Low Voltage
    • 3.3 Vdc
  • V Extended Voltage
    • 9-15 Vdc
  • VPT Voltage Regulator
    • 9-35 Vdc