GLK/GLC Series

The most versatile of our displays can be programmed to display any font, in any size, and in any language. With graphic displays you can easily add multi-language support to any application that uses a display. Allow yourGLK12232 creativity to flourish with photos and graphics! We also have -1U displays which conveniently fit into any 1U application, allowing you add graphics to even a limited space.

  • Select graphic displays are available in RS232, RS422, I2C or USB
  • Many sizes available on request, as well as custom designs.

Available Options

  • E Extended Temperature
    • LCD -20° to +70°
  • LV Low Voltage
    • 3.3 Vdc
  • V Extended Voltage
    • 9-15 Vdc
  • VPT Voltage Regulator
    • 9-35 Vdc