MOP Series


  • Our parallel displays come in many different sizes ranging from 1 lines x 8 characters to 4 lines x 40 characters.
  • Alphanumeric or high-speed Graphic LCD
  • Color LCD options available are white, yellow-green, amber, red, green and blue
  • Can operate in temperatures from 0 to +50 degrees C in the the normal range and -20 to +70 C in the extended temperature range.
  • Voltage available: 5.0V (and some 3.3V)
  • Contrast control with STN (Supertwisted Nematic) or FSTN (Film-compensated Supertwisted Nematic)
  • 2 light transmission modes available:
    • Transmissive - Transmissive LCDs have a transparent rear polarizer and do not reflect ambient light. A backlight is required and will work best in low light conditions.
    • Transflective - Transflective LCDs are a mixture of reflective and transmissive types with the rear polarizer having partial reflectivity and combined with a backlight. Can be operated in direct sunlight without loss of clarity.
    • Reflective - By combining a reflector with the rear polarizer, ambient light is used to illuminate the display in reflective mode. It works best in an outdoor or well-lit office environment.
  • Operational Life: LED backlights offer a long operating life - 50,000 hours minimum. The advantages of LED backlighting are its low cost, long life, immunity to vibration, low operational voltage, and precise control over its intensity.
  • Wide variety of fonts available from Hebrew to Cyrillic to European
  • Other parallel displays available: Vacuum Fluorescent (VF.D) and Polymeric Light Emitting Diodes (PLED)